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This bundle contains...

Creative Concept Hub

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  • Variant: ULTIMATE

Learning Hub Notion Template

5.0 (20)
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  • Variant: Learning Hub +

Moodboard 2.0

5.0 (11)
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All Summer Planner

3.0 (2)
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  • Variant: All Summer Planner 4 in 1

🟢 Introducing The Student Bundle 🟢

Are you a student that wants struggles with organization?📈

As a graphic designer student, myself, I get that. That's why I created this template. More organization, less struggles, all you need all in one place.

Get your work, writing or content done. Fast and with structure. If you are experienced or just a beginner as a creative, this template provides everything you will need.

Are you ready to get more done?

- What you'll get:

These templates are made for all devices, enjoy on any screen!

Ready to take on the task?


What is Notion?

Notion is a powerful and flexible all-in-one productivity tool that serves as a digital workspace.

It allows users to create and organize various types of content, including notes, documents, databases, task lists, project boards, and more.

Who are you?

I’m Sam Stoof, a graphic designer and Notion creator; making yuor life easier with Notion! After 10+ templates related to creative work, I have mastered the process.

How to download this template?

After checkout, click on the download button and duplicate it in your Notion. Have fun!

How can I connect with you?

If you have any questions or wanna leave your feedback, feel free to mail me or DM on X

I want this!

Everything you'll need for studying!

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Student Bundle

0 ratings
I want this!